Simple, honest and fair pricing

We will source, hire and compliance train for you highly principled, passionate, values aligned Fundraisers for your campaign. Authenticity is at the forefront of everything we do so using our values matching matrix we will only be hiring for you staff who are genuinely inspired and have an activist spirit for your cause. 

Everyone we recruit will receive an exam proving that they have a good level of knowledge on all areas of compliance including financial disclosures, opt ins and gift aid. We will top up this training, for free, every three months and we will mystery shop every single one of our staff for you every 6 weeks also for free. We are so confident that we will recruit you for you the most values alligned and compliant Fundraisers in the industry that in the unlikely event any of our placements receive any IOF fines we will cover these for you. 

All you pay is a simple, hourly margin. This makes for simple budgeting on your part and and coupled with the knowledge that we are a carbon neutral company who only works with suppliers who meet the highest ethical standards, you can rest assured that our pricing and business practices won't cost you the earth.