The real kickstart academy

A helping hand

The REAL kickstart academy is an initiative designed to help 16-24 year olds at risk of long term employment get back into work and give them the vital skills needed to forge a fulfilling working career. 

We offer 6 month contracts to eligible 16-24 year during which time they will be trained fully to become highly proficient face to face and telephone fundraising callers, we also enroll them in a full training programme where over six months they become a qualified mental health first aider as well as receiving training on diversity and inclusivity, (insert IHASCO options here).

Clients who sign up to the scheme will have access  to fully qualified, proficient Fundraisers but without needing to pay the wage costs for that staff member. In return clients willneed to prove that the role the kickstarter will be filling is an additional position that would otherwise not exist and also be willing to offer addional training to the post holder. 

For full deails please book a call with a REAL Jobs representive here.