The atmosphere in the perfect fundraising team is like the best festival you've ever been to with a beautiful, harmonious and supportive air built upon shared ideals and values. Our role at REAL Jobs is to help ensure that that we carefully match the desired values of our clients with those of the Fundraisers we recruit and we use our tried and tested values matching system for this. This maintains the optimal atmosphere in teams which in turn creates the best environment for the people we hire which means they will want to stay for ever. After all when you've found the perfect festival, who would ever want to leave? We also know though that when the values do not match it doesn't take long for the perfect festival to become, well less perfect so trust us when we say, we will augment and guard your culture with every fibre of our being.

We know what we do works because the same approach helped REAL Fundraising become finalist in the brand values category and second place in the small business category in the 2019 business culture awards. As Peter Drucker so wisely said: 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast'.