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About us

We believe as a sector we are stronger when we collaborate. Over the course of the last 10 years REAL Fundraising has finely tuned and developed an exceptional recruitment and onboarding strategy and feel it is the right time to lift the lid on this acquired knowledge and share it with sector. This has given birth to the newest REAL Family company: REAL Jobs, led by our experienced Managing Director Tom Ward.

Nobody understands more than us the need for value alligned, compliant fundraising and the importance of creating the optimum culture in your teams and this is why we make these factors central to everything we do at REAL Jobs. 

In fact to prove this every single person we hire and who gets the honour of working on your campaign will have already been trained in all areas of compliance with an exam to prove it, completely free of charge. We exist to make our clients lives easier and to ensure they can rest assured, we have all bases covered.